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About RIME Quill Publishing Company

Jan Holmes Frost received her education in Boston, Massachusetts. She writes a variety of genres and has completed several books. Jan does freelance editing and is a former acquisitions editor with Fireship Press, an Arizona based international publisher. From there she co-founded Loose Leaves Publishing of Tucson and assisted in publishing books for nine superb authors. She also partnered with Rook's Page Publishing.  Learn more about Jan at LINK About


Having learned of the pitfalls and pitiful compensations author's gain from small, medium and even mega-publishing companies, Jan chose developing her own brand using the lesser known meaning of the word FROST, ie. RIME


Having worked for several years with the above publishing venues, it was a quick and easy transition. She chose KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) as her vehicle. Many pluses here with their world-wide distribution and awesome pricing deals. Formatting can be tedious, but their templates work well. Okay we're getting all techy here. 

The end product can be found at 

The BEST NEWS is:  Jan is expanding to publishing for other authors! We are not boxing it in to genre specific! Please take a look at our submission guidelines, and author/publishing deals. 

Why take on the headache of self-publishing when you are, after all, a writer at heart!



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