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 What Hoomans Want by Missy the Cat 

Funny stories as related to Missy by her feline friends. Learn about Catapedia and Feline Einstein. 




    Meow, and welcome. I’m Missy the Cat. I’m what is known as a tabby cat. According to Catapedia, tabby coats have swirls or stripes in either gray or orange, and we bear an ‘M’

 on our forehead.      
      I’m a Polydactyl type of cat, otherwise known as a Hemingway cat. We Polys are gifted with five or six toes on each paw, compared to the standard four. I have twenty toes and my front paws, or I like to call them ‘my hands’, have four toes and a THUMB. I’m sure I could hold a pen and write this book, but why bother when I know, if I use my feline wiles, my hooman will do it for me. What gives me such an idea? Who do you think is writing this book for me?  
     These 'cat tails' are true stories as told by Scroggins, a dumpee who lives in Rocky Mountain National Park and is befriended by a mountain man. Katzie is a petite feral stray who is loved by an elderly German lady. Daisy Mae is Himilayan and a princess, until her hoomans bring home an oaf of a dog who constantly tries to catch her. Diggory's hooman sets sail aboard a large vessel and assigns Dig the post of First Mate. Together they explore the waters off Mexico and the Pacific. Tank is adopted by Ethan, a handicapped boy in a wheelchair. They love to fish together until the unthinkable happens. Black Kitty lives in a semi-wild area in the Sierra's where one of her adventures finds her trapped. This is what they learned about What Hoomans Want. 

Skinny Zen

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"When walking, walk. When eating, eat." ~Zen proverb

  Think happy, think skinny, think SKINNY ZEN. Slow down, focus, take a deep, mindful breath, and learn strategies for your body's particular needs.
   Everyday diet books set a negative vibe when it comes to weight loss management. They even set negative goals for you!
   SKINNY ZEN shows you how to accentuate the positive and become in tune with your true weight loss regime.
   Frost's wry wit will have you forgetting the D-word (diet) as you check out the numerous website links and learn new habits.

The Spaghetti Wars

Book One of the Pasta Chronicles

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   Friendship, a failed marriage, and a Boston Italian eatery are stirred together with a heaping ladle of mystery, humor and romance. 
   It's November, and Grae Notorangeli is facing the eminent demise of her marriage to Martin Notorangeli, the owner of the acclaimed il Rospo Siciliano Restaurante (The Sicilian Toad).
   At the same time, Hanna Richardson's doctor husband mysteriously disappears, casting Hanna and their thirteen-year-old daughter, Ruby Jean, into the unsavory street life of Boston's homeless. Afraid for their lives, they crawl through a window into the basement of Rospo's.
   The restaurant staff become suspicious when Ruby absconds with food from the kitchen. Then the lives of the two women collide when Grae mistakes Hanna for Martin's mistress. 
   You'll love the romance, tears, fears, convoluted relationships and side-splitting humor found at Rospo's of Boston. ​
   Great fun read for women of all ages, especially fans of Janet Evanovich. 


                              Book Two of The Pasta Chronicles

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  Grae has divorced Martin Notorangeli, her Italian husband, the owner of the famous Ristaurante il Rospo Siciliano of Boston's North End.
   Getting on with her life, and immersed in remodeling her beautiful lake home, she receives shocking news. Her life is again turned upside down. Finally free of the spaghetti wars with Martin, she faces a sticky mess of unravioli when she realizes she must unravel a brutal murder.
   With the same humor and wit found in The Spaghetti Wars (Book one of The Pasta Chronicles), Grae, and her best friend Zoey, are caught up in a web of deceit involving members of Martin's family, and others who are intent on finding the secret they think Grae holds.
   With a blend of mystery, mayhem, laughter and romance, Grae learns she must fight for her life. 

About You - Write Your Memoir

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Do you have a great story just waiting to be told? You don't know where to start? Let the world know, and share memories with your family with the help of this little book.

Eight Things You Need to Know to Write a Novel


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   Have you been looking for a quick concise reference guide to writing fiction? This 100 page book offers a simple approach to learning this craft.

   Creativity, inspiration, and imagination must come from within you, but none of it will come across on the written page without craft.






                     SETTING, PLACE AND TIME


                     DIALOGUE, VOICE AND POINT OF VIEW

                     RESOLUTION AND RESEARCH

                     EDITING AND REVISING

                     PUBLISHERS AND PUBLISHING


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