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How to submit for full publication 


  • Electronic submissions only. 

  • An introduction or query letter, including word count and target audience.

  • Brief outline.

  • First chapter and two other random chapters. 

You, the author, receive a percentage of the royalties and other monies earned as a marketed book, both printed and electronically. 

As the publisher, RIME Quill receives a percentage of the monies earned. This percentage varies from publisher to publisher and is often based on the size of the manuscript and design features. As the publisher, RIME Quill asks that your manuscript be edited in a professional manner before submitting upon request. RIME Quill will then line edit the manuscript, format it for electronic and print publishing, create a cover design, and provide ISBN numbers. Your cost for the above is calculated on cover design, and publishing fees. (Usually about $350) RIME Quill will then publish the manuscript to be available world-wide at agreed upon prices and royalties. 


Request Information for Professional Edit


  • Type of editing needed - Content, Line, Other.

  • Word count of Manuscript.​

  • Price by word count, or hourly

  • Brief outline.

  • First chapter and two random chapters.

Prices for these edits are based on type of edit, and if you select cost by word count, or 

Request for Assisted Self-Publishing


  • Electronic submission.

  • Introduction letter

  • Brief Outline

  • Word count and target audience

  • First chapter and two random chapters

Keep in mind, as the author AND self-publisher, you will receive all royalties and other monies earned by your book. RIME Quill will not receive a share of these monies. You will pay RIME Quill for their work in producing and publishing your manuscript, both in print and ebook, based on what you select. Negotiations of rates based on content of manuscript. 

         Average rate for assisted self-publishing:
               Number of words X .065     70,000 words = $4,550 Print Version
               Number of words X .055                                 $3,850 Ebook Version     

         These prices include a line edit, formatting and production
          Additional fees for Cover Design, and ISBN Fees ($45 each version) may apply.                               

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