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About Publishers and Publishing

   So you've written your book and maybe you've gone the route of seeking an agent or mega-publisher. You even learned about proposals and query letters! Time ticks by with no progress? You are NOT alone. 
   Large publishing companies are all about one thing, and one thing only . . . not you, not your skills as a writer . . . but how much money can they make. Wrap your head around this . . . which do you think they care about . . . Best Selling Author  or  Best Writing Author? Picture the best ever written manuscript. It never was published and when the author died, it was tossed into the trash. Or, it was published, but it never made it to any marketplaces anywhere. Sad, right?
   Almost as bad as having a few sales, then finding used copies of your masterpiece for sale in a thrift store! 
   I learned these lessons the hard way many years ago, yet the writer in me refuses to stop creating characters or writing about stuff. 
   But this is about YOU and your efforts! And you DESERVE a shot at getting your work in print and on the electronic screen! 
   Having already come to the conclusion that you probably won't get picked up by an agent, or get that dream advance check, have you considered self-publishing? It's the direction I chose and YES, I got several of my books out there, worldwide. It's a great feeling the first time you hold that book baby in your hands! It's euphoric. Now what? It becomes dismally obvious that everyone and their cat is self-publishing, and who knows, maybe the BEST ever written book is out there in the electronic world of books, never to be discovered. 
   This is all discouraging beyond belief. And before I get to the GOOD news, self-publishing is no easy task. Open any good book from a large publisher and look at the interior. We rarely notice the layout. First comes the Publisher page, with the ISBN number (where does that come from? And at what cost?) Then there are the BISAC Headings. Yes, I spelled it correctly. Neither of these are arbitrary. Take a look, when you come to a new chapter, the headers and footers stop, blank, and a blank page is, guess what, a blank page. Word processing software have no idea about this. It takes converting your manuscript to another format to do these things. Plus there's Index, especially important in electronic versions. Enough said? You might liken it to your profession, or any profession. When someone who knows little to nothing about the rules, regulations, of the profession try to pretend they do, what happens? It's obvious to most that it is messy and screams of unprofessional. Not a good idea considering the hours and hours of effort you've put into research, and writing your book. It deserves the best.
   Now for the GOOD news. We, at Rime Quill Publishing Co. have been there and done that and we've come up with several alternative ways we can help you get your novel, fiction, self-help or memoir edited and published.  We've listed these plans below. Let me add, these plans are flexible. We tailor them to fit your needs and your budget. 

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