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Cat 'Tails'Tell All

by Missy The Cat & Friends

   Would you and your cat(s) like to share your best stories with the world? Here is your chance to make your feline friend world famous.

   Missy is compiling a sequel to her first book "What Hoomans Want". Here she relates stories as told by a few of her friends. Now to be sure, some of these are more like fiction, based on questionable events, some are true down to the whisker, and a few are pure kitty fiction.

   Missy has suggested we find stories from across the world to add to her new book. (title to be determined)

   What life stories could your cat tell? She wants to offer cats who's story is chosen, be paid in Fishy Treats or other such delicacies. However, Rime Quill Publishing Co. does not usually use this method of compensation. Instead Missy's agent has suggested something different for cat owner's, and their cat, who provide Rime Quill with a story selected to be published in Missy's book. 

   First, the cat will have his/her photo featured in the book. You, the cat's Hooman will receive two free copies of the book, and best of all you may purchase additional books direct from Rime Quill at 20% - 30% off the normal retail price.

   Of course, what you chose to do with these copies is up to you. You are free to sell to friends, local bookstores, etc. and earn money.

   Missy says this is a real WIN/WIN deal.

   Please read the following submission guidelines. One more note, as a contributor to this book you will receive a standard contract specifying the terms and compensation agreement. This book will be available world-wide through Amazon in print and ebook.

   Let's make your feline buddy world famous! 


Submission Guidelines

  1. Stories must be submitted by word.doc or word.docx files.

  2. Please use standard margins and double space in standard font.

  3. This is a family read, so nothing bloody, sexual or profane, please.

  4. Word count minimum is 1,500 and maximum is 3,000.

  5. Action, happy, funny, educational stories prefered, but a cry-happy is ok. Also add a brief description of your cat(s).

  6. Nothing morbid or abusive please.

  7. Inspiring is especially welcome. 

  8. No need to send photo until you are selected to be published.

  9. Upon selection, Rime Quill will request further information, and will negotiate a legal contract with you. This works best for both parties.

  10. Please direct questions to

  11. Include with your submission your name, city state country, email address, phone. 

  12. Send completed submission to

    Thanks to you and you're fur baby(s) for sharing your awesome stories with us. We pledge to keep your information confidential and are looking forward to working with you. 


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