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THIS COULD BE ME. But, it is not. Why? because I've been on and off the bumpy road of depression my entire life, and now here I am again. "It's a journey," they say, "it'll pass," they say, "it's in your head," they say, "it sucks," I say.

Today I began a new regime of medications, again! years ago it was the tricylics, elavils, those things, that took you to zombieville. Today these miracle remedies do much the same thing at the outset . . . the first week or two. And oh, the messed up intestines. Need I say more? One bit of good news from Doc is; one of the potions will help me lose weight! Woot.

I write books. It's my passion. It was also my 401K back in the day when my earnings were sparse. But my 401K books never have paid off. I managed to get two of my books published by other publishing companies and I self-published six more. They are out there languishing on Amazon, and of course available from lots of online sellers. The closest they've gotten to the best selling shelf is when I took one to Barnes and Noble, placed it on the shelf and took a photo.

My hunch is I'm not the only depressive who has ways of knowing the levels of our ups and downs. When I don't feel like writing, or plain can't write, I'm at a seven to eight on a scale of 1 to 10 - ten being the worst.

Today I must be at a six point five because I'm enjoying this little exercise. Plus, sharing is therapeutic. Even sharing a snack with my dog helps. (Everything dog helps)

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